Happy, Dorky, Pop-Punk Singer/Songwriter. Plays too much minecraft.


HELLOIMDYLAN! is a singer/songwriter, audio engineer, luthier, and all-around terrible autobiographer based in Jersey City, NJ. His happy, dorky, acoustically charged pop-punk sound shares an earnest perspective on life, love, and figuring out how to be happy and fulfilled when you’re awkward and introverted.

Musically, Dylan’s stories are told in whimsical bursts of pop-punk driven excitement inspired by bands like Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy, Say Anything, that a younger version of him came to idolize. Other times his songs punctuated by softer interjections inspired by artists like Relient K, Dodie, and Ben Folds. Whatever genre his music seeks to explore, his goofy, earnest, and hopeful expressiveness permeates every word and melody he writes.

Dylan at heart is a nervous idiot who is bad at finishing albums. Thankfully, he’s finally finished his debut album, Happy Tears, which will be releasing on August 14th, 2019. The 10-song, 32-minute album tells his journey of stumbling into a relationship with someone he quickly realizes he could spend his life with, building that life together, and becoming someone worthy of the love he receives. To him, Happy Tears is ultimately about looking at where you are, how far you’ve come, and how much farther you go, and celebrating the beauty of the journey. It’s about crying happy tears.

Happy Tears releases on all streaming and digital download platforms on August 14th, 2019.


As a producer and audio engineer, Dylan’s sonic aesthetic is vibrant, sculpted, and emotional, applying his nerdy obsession to every project he works on, including songs from artists like Felinah France, Holyveins, and Aurora One.

Dylan is a also a budding luthier who builds custom guitars under the brand “Hello Guitars!” which focuses on simplicity and ease of playing with a vibrant color palette and a spark for creativity. His builds can be seen at instagram.com/helloguitars.