Singer/Songwriter. Audio Engineer. Luthier. But mostly singer/songwriter.

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Cry Happy Tears with HELLOIMDYLAN!

Happy, Dorky, Jersey City based pop-punk singer/songwriter HELLOIMDYLAN! released his first full-length album, Happy Tears, on August 14th, 2019. The completely self-produced and fan-funded album explores the often-nervous songwriter’s journey of falling in love with someone who helps him learn to love himself.

Musically, Dylan’s story is told in whimsical bursts of pop-punk driven excitement inspired by bands like Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy, Say Anything, that a 13-year-old him came to idolize. Other times his songs are punctuated by reflective interjections inspired by artists like Relient K, Dodie, and Ben Folds. Through the album, his goofy, earnest, and hopeful expressiveness permeates every word and melody he writes.

An audio engineer and and neurotic perfectionist as well, Dylan completely self-produces, mixes & masters all of his own music. His open and honest stage presence and his engaging, nerdy-rock show performances at venues like FM Bar, Maxwell’s, Sunnyvale, and PIANOS have earned him a small but excited audience base that fully funded his new album. 

Also he really hopes you like his album. That he made himself. And he’s really, really proud of. And should you choose to listen to the record, he asks that you: Take a deep breathe. Think of all the places you could be and all the people you hold dearest. Carry them in your heart with you, and let yourself be happy. Also, press play. 

Dylan Schroth