“Helloimdylan!” is the unfortunate stage name of Jersey City, NJ based singer/songwriter and producer Dylan Schroth. His goofy-yet-earnest acoustically-charged emo-pop sound explores finding meaningfulness in life when you’re an introvert with low self-confidence. His emotionally dynamic approach to songwriting is decorated with whimsical bursts of “Warped Tour Era” pop-punk excitement, contrasted with soft and sincere singer/songwriter confessionals. Whichever directions his songs take him, he tackles heartbreak and failure with an honest perspective, a goofy delivery, and a hopeful smile.  

His last album, Happy Tears tells the journey of finding his own confidence and drive through building a life with his (soon-to-be) wife. In his song “A Better Version of Me,” Dylan sings “I can finally say I’m the man I want to be- I’ve got everything I need cuz you’re in love with me.” “It’s not that I’m done growing- we can always be better. But being able to see myself through her eyes taught me how to love myself. And now I know who I can become if I push forward with that hope.” 

Dylan is currently working on his next album. Titled “One Step At A Time,” Dylan looks to explore his own battles with depression, anxiety, low self-confidence, and the journey of self-improvement. “It’s a long journey, but you can make it; Just take it one step at a time.”