Hello friend! This holiday, I want to send you a Personalized Christmas Card!

I hate how this pandemic has kept us separated all year long, and that distance can feel even greater this holiday season.

Given everything, it's so easy to feel isolated from each other, but we can choose to make the effort and help each other feel less lonely.  So if you'll let me, I'd love to send some love to your way via the USPS!

Just fill out the form and you'll get my loving affirmations from my heart to your mailbox.  

I'll also throw in some limited-edition Helloimdylan mini-stickers, so I can give you some extra cheer! :)

Happy Holidays, and don't be afraid reach out to your favorite people and tell them that you love & miss them. I know it can feel silly to say, but it's those silly feelings that give meaning to these lives we get to live.

So say something silly every now and then!

P.S. You can give ME a Christmas Gift by adding Santa Maybe to your favorite Christmas playlist! It helps a lot. Thanks, friend~ 


santa maybe by helloimdylan

a song for everyone we love & miss this holiday season <3